Starting Over. It's Not Easy.

Last week while driving home after my early morning workout, the following thought came to me: “It feels like I’ve completely started over in the gym… and it’s not easy!” You see, I spent all of 2014 mastering box jumps, getting tangled in TRX straps, sprinting on pavement, slamming ropes, and all kinds of other bootcamp stuff. I appreciate all of this shiz – it’s where my true fitness transformation took place. It’s where I learned about nutrition and developed a physique that I’ve never previously acquired. It’s where I’ve met some of my very best friends - friends that push me, and they let (ahem, they expect) me to push right back. I’m even an instructor now. It’s what I love.

But just a few months ago I decided to aim a different direction and take my fitness to a whole different level. It was time to LIFT HEAVY SH*T. Now, let me tell you, this wasn’t anything new to me. I lifted with the football guys back in our old, rusty, high school weight room. I was extremely overweight, so my mentality was, “If I lift heavy, then my heavy body weight is validated.” Yeah, yeah… That was then. So lifting heavy? I LOVE IT. I’m strong. I’m capable. I’m motivated. I’m driven.

But WHOA! Getting back into a place where I lift heavy, learn new lifts, and speak some new language has been a humbling endeavor. I may be strong, but my form needs work on the deadlift. I can kill some chin-ups, but my kipping pull-ups take me back to my days as a big kid trying to make it across the monkey bars. It didn’t happen. Ever.

I’m improving, but not without some frustration along the way. I absolutely know that I’m capable of anything I put my mind to. And I know my snatch will be kickazz one day, so I’ll continue to work hard, practice patience, and set high expectations for myself along the way.

This made me question starting over in other areas in life, too. It’s never easy. Every single Sunday night I’m a wee bit sad that the weekend is ending. The week is starting over.

punch monday

Relationships end, and the sadness that comes with starting over with a new love can be crushing.  Maybe even joining a gym for the first time in a long time – it’s still starting over. And with that brings some intimidation and maybe even some guilt.

But the only thing that ever remains the same in life is change itself. Change will always occur whether we want it to or not. We constantly start over at something all of the time. So rather than letting the new challenges overwhelm us, approach them with an opportunity to see a fresh start, a clean slate, and a new goal to beat. Monday, you are mine!

Life is a constant pursuit. This doesn’t mean we run in circles. It means that we are constantly striving to find our best self. And if that means that I have to spend extra time working on my deadlift, or even more time trying to pull that power clean, then so be it. I’m getting stronger for it. And in the meantime, I’ll continue to be humbled along the way. Never content - always chasing a new goal.

Nobody said it would be easy. So punch Monday in the face and conquer your week!