Do You Even Self Care? 

Can you think back to a time in your life where you simply were not taking good care of yourself? Do you remember how it made you feel? Is this happening now? I 100% believe in the notion that if we don't take care of ourselves fully then we can never truly give our best self to others. Self care is sometimes deemed a selfish act, but I think that self care vs. selfishness are on completely different ends of the self spectrum. 

You mamas out there fall victim to lack of self care ALL THE TIME. Kids first, kids first, kids first. While I think it's so very admirable that you do this for your littles, I think mamas miss the mark on the opportunity to take care of themselves, too. I'm not a mom (well, a dog mama 🐶) but I do know that I'm not my best if I don't self care. 

So how do I self care? I consider strength training to be one of my biggest self cares. I intentionally make time to move my body, strengthen my muscles, all the while cultivating a tribe around me. This one gets me a lot of bang for my buck.  I also think nutrition is a form of self care. What we directly put into our bodies will undoubtedly determine how our bodies perform for us. 

I took a brief survey yesterday among one of my challenge groups at my gym, (em)POWERHOUSE. Their biggest win in this first week is how much better they feel with strength training and eating with balanced nutrition. THIS IS WINNING, right? SELF CARE.

A solo night with wine + dark chocolate is another one of my self cares. 

Getting a massage. 

My meditation. 


My THERAPY. Can I get an amen? You guys, therapy gets such a bad rap and is even considered taboo among some. My therapist has been a pivotal part of how I self reflect, how I take radical responsibility for the things I do every day, and above all else, she's the one that allows me to show up vulnerably in this world. I'm not, nor have I ever, taken medication (but it's okay if you do - that's a whole other topic of stigma). I've never felt like I couldn't handle the world around me (but it's okay if you have). And I don't walk into her office to lay on a couch and cry to the ceiling (it's completely okay if this has ever happened to you). 

Some days we laugh during a session. Some days I cry. Some days she hits me with reality. And some days I throw her for a loop in my latest life happenings. I'll drop in with coffee to show appreciation, and I even based my decision for my health insurance premium from based on which one allowed me to see her in the most affordable way necessary. 

Seeing a therapist is a brave act. It takes courage to show up authentically in order to face your fears, stresses, emotions, problems, successes and anything else happening in these grand lives of ours. 

If we're being honest, ANY form of self care is brave. How are you taking care of yourself to show up as your best you? The train is stopping, and I'm asking for an ALL ABOARD call right away. Do something for yourself today that will allow you to show up better for others. It doesn't have to cost you a thing. It could be as simple as setting aside twenty minutes to be present, be mindful, and set your intentions for your day. 

Self care. Do you even?  P.S. next week I'm trekking to D.C. to be a part of the Women's March. When you've got a fire in your belly, you do the things that help keep the fire burning. THAT is a form of self care. 

xo - coach fowler