Ready, Set, Move.

Summatime - my favorite time of the year. No, seriously. I'd much rather be sweating in July versus freezing in January. Sweating makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something. I always say "if you're not sweating, you're not doing it right..." Take that as you may. I'm always more active in the summer months, too. I love being active, so it's a win-win for me. Even in my not-so-active moments, I still love enjoying the outdoors.

See here? At least I'm exercising the mind, right?

I was a softball coach way before I was a trainer. I'm always looking for a great read on leadership.

I read this book by Tony Dungy for my grad class called The Mentor Leader. I'm in love with all of it. There are so many amazing things in here that reaffirm the message that I constantly try to convey. Dungy uses a quote by Edmund Burke at the end of Chapter 5 that I want to discuss right now:

"Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.."

Pretty powerful, huh? Why do we always think that we have to immediately perfect whatever it is that we start? Why are our expectations that we have to be as good as the person next to us? It's usually an impossible task, but we sure die trying, don't we? And sometimes our frustration gets the best of us, we feel defeated, and then we quit.

No - don't do that.

Fast forward in this book to Chapter 8 where Dungy explicitly discusses the seven E's of enhancing potential. I had an awakening moment in this chapter. Can you possibly name at least three of those E's? You probably guessed them. They're the 3 E's that I use before I end each and every post: Engage, Empower, Elevate. It's like I stole them right out of this book (I didn't - I promise), but seriously! Enhancing potential. That's what I want. I want YOU, your friends, your family, your neighbors... I want you all to find your best version of YOU, and then along the way inspire others. It happens whether you know it or not. We have several opportunities every single day to make an impression on someone. Make it inspirational. Why not?

I talk about empowerment all of the time. I simply LOVE it. And I believe wholeheartedly in the mantra on this page. Engage with those around you. Empower them as much as you can. Elevate them to watch them soar. Fly high, baby...

So the book was pretty awesome, and I marked a billion quotes and plan to revisit them often. Let's take it back to that first quote that I shared - don't avoid something because you're not good at it. Whether it be lifting or running or yoga or WEED EATING... Do you know how much I suck at weed eating? But I still try. Weed eater - 57. Me - 0.

So get to movin'... whether it's movin' on a walk or movin' to a healthier eating plan or movin' to the sound of the music. Get to movin' and find your best version of you. Better yet, grab somebody's hand and let them accompany you on the journey. There is strength in numbers, right?

Ready, set, move... (and sweat!)

Engage. Empower. Elevate.

xo Coach Fowler