I overcame childhood obesity, worked my way on to play collegiate softball, and then discovered multiple ways to gain and lose the weight along the way. I’m a former high school teacher and softball coach turned Owner & Boss Lady of & (em)POWERHOUSE Gym in Oklahoma City, OK. I get giddy with anything related to competition, coaching others, lifting heavy weights, swinging kettlebells, traveling, reading, writing, and hanging with my dogs.

My days at (em)POWERHOUSE consist of leading warm-ups, strength training, and metabolic conditioning. Every day is full of sweat, high fives, laughter, vulnerability, and conversations that build the foundation for an empowering fitness community.

(em)POWERHOUSE came to be in a matter of a 3 week planning process. An opportunity came to life, and along with my tribe, I ran with it. We have a diverse group within our walls, but they all unite under the idea that strength is the end goal. Strength comes in many forms, and each of our members embodies that premise.

My mission with (em)POWERHOUSE is to facilitate a workout environment that continues to push our tribe members to strive for growth in not only fitness, but all areas of their lives, too. I am beyond grateful to the (em)POWERHOUSE training staff and our entire (em)POWERHOUSE family. I watch behind the scenes as our tribe members give warm welcomes to new members and visitors. This is a team, and I’m humbled to be their coach.

My struggles as an obese teenager have given me the drive to succeed in operating this facility. I want to help people. No strings attached. Healthy is achievable for every individual, and my teenage self is proof of that. I am a student at heart and will continue to evolve and learn as much as I can to bring back to my tribe.

A few other things about me – I talk about my dogs to anyone that will listen, I’m partial to patio-sitting, I have a stupid obsession with almond butter and tank tops (and tank tops that talk about almond butter), I love swinging kettlebells, and I REALLY love picking heavy things up off of the ground.

I’m an SFG Level 1 Instructor through StrongFirst, a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and a Certified Sports Performance Coach through USAW. I also hold a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of North Texas and a Master’s Degree from the University of Central Oklahoma. Mimosas are my favorite. Brunch comes in at a close second.